Marcelo Short Film


The Brief

Marcelo is launching his consultancy service aimed at helping young business people with their growth, development and understanding of business and life. He wanted a short film to get across the way he thinks as an individual, a businessman and a family man - and that he can share his knowledge, wisdom and experience to help. At the time of filming his website was mid development and he wanted the video to be published on his 'about' page, so that any visitors can get under the skin of Marcelo Bustamante.

How we did it

As the production was made to introduce the world to Marcelo the person, we decided to show him in all areas of his life - from work, play and family. The woods was a perfect location to shoot many of the shots, that would be edited to the story that Marcelo scripted and recorded the audio. Lots of B-roll was filmed to cover the story that was being told, e.g. exercise, working environment and at home - and we made sure it was shot with a real cinematic feel and slow motion really added to the effect of the film. For the final production we faded in and out the salient points via transparent typography, that Marcelo wanted to really get home from his story.

Client Feedback

"A huge Thank You the the TTP team for their creative input, filming direction, and editing prowess. The video came out exactly as per my vision and the guys excelled at turning ‘vision into reality’ in an exciting journey that was friendly and fast"

Marcelo Bustmante

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