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Lexus: Video



The Brief

The Social Media Manager for Lexus Cars required a fast paced video for their new track edition sports car being treated for paint protection at Creative FX, and for the style of the video to resonate with a younger demographic. The execution was to show the detail and beautiful lines of the car for Lexus, and for Creative FX it was to demonstrate the many processes used to prepare a car ready for the road.

What we did

The music track chosen was essential to the pace of the video, that enabled the editing style to be in tune for the audience - and for this to shine through in the final production. We shot many close ups and slow motion frames to enhance the video, and ensured we picked up the many treatments involved in applying the paint protection. The right hand top corner of the frame was used to label the processes with the correct branded font. We also produced an Instagram ready version in terms of time and format, so that we make use of all the amazing footage.

Client Feedback

"Billy – in terms of the video we think it looks excellent."

Senior Content Manager

Lexus Social Team

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