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Kurt Geiger: Work

Kurt Geiger

Product Animations

The Brief

The Global Brand and Customer Experience Director for Kurt Geiger required a creative company to help them engage with their customer following on Instagram, by bringing their products to life via various photographic and animation techniques.

How we did it

After being shortlisted and then performing an animation challenge set by Kurt Geiger, we were told the good news that Taking The Pixels was successful - and now we work with them to provide content for their Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. We receive the relevant products from their Distribution Centre and photograph them in our studio in a way that lends itself to animation and/or stop motion. Ideas are floated between us all and the most creative, that suits the product  and audience is produced and shared on Instagram.

Client Feedback

"It’s fair to say that Taking the Pixels has been a fantastic discovery for us at Kurt Geiger; a natural extension to our in-house digital design studio.  We have a very collaborative partnership and have been thrilled with the creative assets we’ve received to date."

Kurt Geiger

Global Brand and Customer Experience Director

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