Fest Buddies - Dulwich Prep School Testimonial


The Brief

The Co-Founders of Fest Buddies required a testimonial video that they could use to promote their business and services to potential customers i.e. Festival and Event Organisers who have a need for volunteering services.

How we did it

We confirmed what killer questions were best to be asked, to get the desired response from the interviewee – that really demonstrated how Fest Buddies acted prior, during and after the job in question. Fleur, the interviewee, was not told the questions beforehand, so the first she heard was when we asked them on filming. We find that this is by far the best approach, as otherwise the interviewee would always try to think about what to say prior to filming - and this has the opposite effect and you don’t tend to get answers straight from the heart.

Client Feedback

"Really pleased with the video testimonials produced which promote our services to potential clients. Will recommend you to our networks and look forward to working with you guys in the future."

Mike Juniper

Fest Buddies

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