Dog Owners Club


The Brief

The founder of The Dog Owners Club is a balanced dog trainer and behaviourist, and he wanted a video he could post on social media [mainly Facebook]. He needed it to show how his knowledge and techniques can help the whole family to improve their relationship with their dog Marley.

How we did it

We wanted to produce this testimonial by telling the story of Marley, using interview footage from both the owners [Mr & Mrs Collins] – and of course Marley. The questions were deliberately asked to build the story chronologically, and to watch as Marley developed his listening skills. Live footage was shot of Marley in doors, on walks and during play – to bring out the relationship side of mans’ best friend.

Client Feedback

"Wow I absolutely love the video and as soon as I uploaded it to Facebook I received calls from potential clients. It is such amazing value for money, and has paid for itself already."

Rob Alleyne

Dog Owners Club

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