Blondes (Video as seen on BBC)

Live Gig

The Brief

The band wanted to capture their first big supporting gig, supporting for ZUZU, to post on social media - so their fanbase can keep up to date of their most recent achievements.

Client Feedback

"Thanks so much Jack, honestly don’t know where we’d be without your work! Really helping us kick it up a gear"





Music Video

The Brief

For this video the band really wanted a production that moved away from the cinematic side of filming, and for us to strip everything back to show them in their natural environment. They emphasised the importance for us to really show the relationship that they have as a band, and the strong bond they have together as friends. They also preferred us to produce the film with its own vintage look too, to give the viewer the feeling of watching it on actual film, and not on digital cameras.

How we did it

To capture the old style format we shot the film using a basic lens, with settings that would create a grainy effect on screen. This would help give the viewer the experience of it being shot on an old film camera. We spent a few days with the band capturing as much footage as we could, to ensure we had enough clips for the edit.  When it came to the editing process, we did a lot of research into the colours that were produced from old film footage and tried to match them through colour correction. This resulted in the final production hitting the mark, and we, and the band were thrilled with the outcome.

Client Feedback

"Jack honestly thanks again for everything you’ve done for us, we’re so proud of what you’ve put together, couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you x"

William - Lead Singer