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London Borough of Enfield: Video

London Borough Of Enfield


The Brief

During the second national Covid lockdown, the London Borough of Enfield required a video about the importance of testing - to resonate with their communities. They had six testing centres set up and the leader of the council Nesil Caliskan wanted to send a message out to support this. The key was to act quick and produce the video within 48 hours so it could be distributed ASAP.

How we did it

Billy and Jack donned their PPE and filmed inside and out, making sure that Nesil's message was heard with supporting footage within the video. The film was so well received that we were approached by the BBC to use some of our footage on their Newsnight programme. The BBC were there filming at the same time, but didn't pick up any shots inside the testing centre - that we provided!

Client Feedback

“Just wanted to pass on some positive feedback from the Leader, Nesil’s just spoken to my manager (Head of Communications) and mentioned what a pleasure it was to work with your team on the filming.”

Shima Tailor

Communications Team

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