Kindness Elves Accessory Pack


The Brief

The founder of Kindness Elves, required a product explainer video to share how the contents of her ‘accessories pack’ are beautifully designed and packed within the box. More importantly we had to get across the many activities that the children can use to play and learn.

How we did it

We used an overhead filming technique in our studio and carefully took out the component parts - and explained with live action shots and typography how the children can interact with the contents. The music and style of the video was chosen to capture the imagination of both parents and children alike.

Client Feedback

"Working with Billy and Steve, has been an outstanding experience, and this is why: - they respond immediately to emails - they agree a deadline and deliver in good time - their pricing is fair and reasonable - they are happy to make changes to ensure that you are happy with the final product - their production output is great."

Anna Ranson

Founder Kindness Elves

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