Advennture Design


The Brief

Charly the founder of Advennture Design loved the idea of a testimonial video, and was keen for us to capture a customer talking about her services in a really positive way. Questions like: How you find working with us? Has the work  
benefited your business etc.

How we did it

Taking The Pixels is a customer of Advennture Design, so we decided that Billy would be the interviewee and talk about his experience using their services. We used cover footage of the work they had produced for us, showing the finished products as a backdrop for the story that was told.

Client Feedback

"Thank you so much, this is brilliant and exactly what I'd hoped for!

So grateful to you guys for doing that for me. Can't wait to put it out on social and add to my website :)"

Charly Venn

Advennture Design

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