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Drone and Ground Photography

The Brief

The Director of Commercial Property required aerial and ground shots of a commercial property in South London. The key was to get the positioning of the drone to capture images from each corner and for the photography to show the building in context to its surroundings. He also wanted internal shots to show the size and scope of the building.

What we did

We liaised with the local estate agent to gain permission and access to the roof, to allow a safer drone flight – and to concentrate on the specific angles needed. A particular wide angle lens was used for the internal shots allowing us to capture the scale, in a very poor lit area. We subsequently provided all the edited photos the same day so our client could release the details of the property ASAP.

Client Feedback

"They look great, just as we wanted. Thanks again for doing this so promptly, we require shots like this regularly so have copied my colleagues in for future bookings."

Lily Whitby

Senior Secretary

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